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Middle Earth



#dean can’t help reverting into big brother mode #even with random little kids #he helps everyone he meets and yet he thinks he’s not worth anything? #dean winchester #the man who helped everyone he met and never expected anything in return (via mishachu)

welcome to supernatural we make funny posts depressing in under 5 tags

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supernatural meme: two demons — abaddon [2/2]

Right now you and I are gonna talk about a regime change.

i want to kiss you so fucking badly ughhh


my blog is a total clusterfuck of fandoms, bad humor, text posts and personal shit i dont understand how people manage to tolerate it i applaud you

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Someone do this, it’s cute and fun and I’m a little bored!

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The 12th Doctor is revealed

It is a woman

it is Pepper Potts from Iron man

Dr. Pepper

#the only problem #she would be too competent #there wouldn’t be any drama #pepper potts #doesn’t run #she walks calmly #at a brisk pace #and solves her shit #in an orderly fashion (x)

She would be a goddamn scary Doctor. 

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